Growing Independence:
Tips for Parents of Toddlers and Twos

The years of toddlers and twos should be some of the most joyful years for you and your child. These children grow by leaps and bounds—walking, talking, laughing, singing, helping, and gaining new life experiences every day. Your child now has foods she loves and favorite toys; she has her own likes, dislikes, and opinions. She is naturally developing independence. Despite all this progress, this age range is sometimes called terrible because children may have some challenging behaviors.



The children at Lavelle Academy have been busy all week baking delicious treats. To promote kindness, the children ‘treated’ all of our wonderful support staff here at Lavelle who help to keep our school safe, clean and prepare our delicious meals! It is our take on the usual trick or treat to encourage the concept of giving and appreciating our community. Happy Halloween from all of us at Lavelle Academy!


The Mid-Autumn Festival is a magical time in Vietnam; celebrating with the children and their families was truly special.