A safe, nurturing environment which fosters
curiosity and celebrates creativity.

Lavelle Academy is a purpose-built preschool, where every inch has been designed and created with the children’s safety, engagement and independence in mind.


We strive to help each child build a connection with the natural world, harbouring a curiosity and respect for the environment. Notions of conservation and sustainability are subjects of the heart at Lavelle and we recognise the importance of including our children in this important task. We constantly work with the environment in mind, supporting our staff, children and their families to do the same.


Our salt-water swimming pool allows children to build confidence in water that is kinder to their eyes and skin.


Spending time in the vegetable and herb garden nurtures children’s love of nature as they experience and learn about the natural world in a safe environment. Having hands-on experience in the garden develops reasoning and discovery skills as children learn about the science of plants, animals, weather, the environment and nutrition. A sense of responsibility is nourished in the need to care for plants and vegetables.


An abundance of green space to explore, create games and take risks is a crucial part of each child’s day at Lavelle. Being immersed in nature promotes positive mental and physical health.


Lavelle’s tree-top playground allows children to experience their world from a different height and perspective! This unique space includes a ‘bird nest’ around the branches of a tree where children can put their bravery, curiosity and balance to the test!


All of our furniture is made locally from natural maple wood.


Each studio is a reflection of the children inhabiting that space. Materials and objects reflect their interests and areas of curiosity, thoughtfully placed to support each individual child on their learning journey.

A love of reading is the greatest gift you can give to a child. Our ever-growing library is located in the reception area where both educators and families have free access to spend precious time reading to children as well as fostering a love of reading to last a lifetime.


The art studio houses a wide variety of tools and materials which children can use for their own wonderful creations. Children think and communicate in endless ways: drawing, painting, sculpting, inventing, dreaming. Whatever language a child is comfortable expressing themselves in, they will find a rich vocabulary of learning in the art studio.


Twirling, swirling, banging and shaking in the music and movement studio supports children in learning how to express themselves with their whole body. A space to move, listen, collaborate, respect and discover just what they are capable of.

Early childhood is an important time to establish healthy eating habits. Our daily snacks and meals provide a balanced diet, ensuring children have the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients for healthy growth and development. Fresh, locally sourced food is prepared daily on site. A variety of Asian, Western and vegetarian dishes are provided. Lavelle Academy takes pride in our collaboration with a renowned chef to make mealtimes joyful for our children.