At the end of a quiet cul de sac Lavelle Academy can be found. Step inside and discover a paradise of 2,500 m2 of absolute natural beauty. An oasis of luscious plants, flowers and fruit trees. A magical, peaceful garden for children to explore and be at one with nature. It is a playground so unique.
Lavelle Academy adopts a progressive and holistic approach to education so within our unique setting children’s sense of wonder is nurtured.
We believe that children learn best alongside others. They become co-constructors of knowledge in partnership with their peers and their educators. Through respecting children and their voices, our educators facilitate a learning journey shaped by the curiosity and wonder of the child. Concepts are explored and longterm projects evolve that result from children’s emerging interests. Their learning becomes meaningful and engagement soars.
Promoting creativity, kindness, collaboration, perseverance, empathy, adaptability and innovation, we are ready to welcome your child and be a part of their unique learning journey here at Lavelle Academy.